Real Southern Style: Front Porch Decor

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Real Southern Style: Front Porch Decor
Real Southern Style: Front Porch Decor

Spending time on your front porch is just one part of  living in “real southern style” we get to enjoy when the weather is just right.  And let’s face it, nothing could be better than the porch socializing weather enjoyed year-round in Atmore, Alabama. 

In the south, we have the tendency to drop by our neighbors’ homes with homemade dishes in hand or to chat about the day’s church service. Real southern style welcomes unannounced visits such as these, with a “the more the merrier” type of approach. You may wonder how we can pull off hosting a surprise social gathering at our homes, but any true southerner knows exactly how to handle this situation: Keep the crowd on the front porch while you grab snacks and some sweet tea from inside!

But hosting a gathering outdoors is not the only time we put our porches to good use! We love to spend time on our porches with or without the company of family and friends. Kicking back on our front porches can be one of the most relaxing and nostalgic places for a born and bred southerner. In fact, the sense of nostalgia is evoked the second you step into well-designed southern front porch decor.

In order to create a southern style that provokes the best memories, there are certain classic touches you must include in your southern front porch decor. There are aspects of classic Southern porch decor that stimulate every one of your senses and draws attention to the south’s eclectic history.

“In order to create a southern style that provokes the best memories, there are certain classic touches you must include in your southern front porch decor. ”

Southern Front Porch Decor: A Nod to the Past

The decor in a true Southern home usually draws inspiration from the home’s history. Southern homes often feature a collection of items that offer a meaningful, personal touch to the place. This is even true when you move outdoors with your southern front porch decor. Many Southern homes will have beautiful wooden doors, concrete statues, or other objects that have been passed down for generations. 

Southern Front Porch Decor: Eclectic furniture

Adding to the collection of mixed-matched objects that are visible in most southern homes, traditional southern front porch decor often calls for an eclectic mix of furniture, including weather-proofed antiques or even an old trunk. Wicker furniture and a traditional farmhouse table will often be included as part of the mix as well.

Southern Front Porch Decor: SwingS and Rocking Chairs

The most well-known staple of southern front porch decor is a porch swing or rocking chairs. Porch swings are often found on the side of the porch with a mix of eclectic furniture staged and a few rocking chairs. Southern front porch swings are often made of white painted wicker or wood with the perfect stain. Kids love to play on porch swings while their grandparents prefer to rock slowly in their chairs as they watch passerbys. Porch swings and rocking chairs have been a beloved piece of southern front porch decor for generations and we do not believe this will change anytime soon.

Southern Front Porch Decor: Porch Fans

Eclectic decor is not the only important part of pulling together the perfect Southern front porch because no front porch in the south is complete without a fan. A well placed fan can make a big difference in the way Southerners enjoy their front porch. Not only does a ceiling fan create a well-needed breeze to cool the porch off during the hottest summer days, but it also discourages bugs from buzzing in the area. 

Southern Front Porch Decor: Haint Blue Ceilings

One of the oldest and most widespread traditions evident in Southern front porch decor is the painting of haint blue on the ceilings. According to Southern Living Magazine, the tradition of painting porch ceilings a light blue shade started with the Gullah Geechee communities in South Carolina and Georgia, and has now spread throughout the region. It is also stated by Southern Living Magazine that haint blue ceilings may be a staple of Southern front porch decor because the color is rumored to dissuade wasps from building nests. No matter where the tradition came from or why it has stuck around, we love the look of a haint blue porch ceiling. Painting the ceiling this color is a beautiful way to instantly tie a home to its southern roots.

Southern Front Porch Decor: Wreaths and Burlap

Wreaths and burlap ribbon have national reputations for being Christmas decor, but this is not true in the south. Classic Southern front porch decor would not be complete without hanging a wreath accented with burlap ribbon, no matter the time of year. For true traditional southern style, you must keep a wreath on your front door year-round. Switching the wreath up with themes or by season is a fun way to keep your southern front porch decor fresh. Burlap and jute rope are also fun styling accents. Jute rope is often seen spiraling down the rope on a porch swing or decorating the banister that encircles the porch.

“Southern front porch decor runs deep in tradition and can create a sense of nostalgia that no other style of porch design can do around the world.”

In closing, you should know that Southern decor is more than just columns and wood floors. Southern front porch decor runs deep in tradition and can create a sense of nostalgia that no other style of porch design can do around the world. This is why decorators across the country are taking inspiration from Southern front porch decor when designing outdoor spaces. 

At Southern Real Estate, we are always happy to offer advice on how to embrace “Real Southern Style” and Alabama living. If you are in the market for a new home, our agents can help you find the perfect southern front porch to decorate and call your own. 

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