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A Strong North Florida Real Estate Market Is Just One Reason To Move To The Gulf Coast  

North Florida is known for its tropical climate, diverse wildlife, beautiful beaches, and a booming North Florida real estate market. Florida is the third fastest-growing state by population in the United States, and with a healthy amount of homes for sale, the North Florida real estate market is one of the many reasons why so many people are opting to pack up and head down to this sunny paradise! Not convinced? Well, here are a few more reasons that so many people call the northern parts of Florida home:

  • Warm weather: The Florida panhandle is known for having warm weather with small spouts of rain to cool things down, making it a beautiful place for your family to spend time outside.
  • No state income tax: No state income tax means that you get to keep more of the dollars you earn! Save up those extra dollars, and when you are ready to invest in the North Florida real estate market, you will be thankful!
  • World-class beaches: Pensacola and the surrounding Floridian areas are known for their gorgeous white sand beaches, making it a paradise for outdoor lovers!
  • Fantastic food: North Florida is known for having a perfect blend of seafood and Southern-style home-cooking! The state is known for its delicious seafood and healthy living. With strong influences from the surrounding states as well as the Caribbean, North Florida has merged many cultures to make fresh, tasty and flavorful dishes that are purely Floridian!
  • A great place for outdoor sports: The beautiful weather provides an excellent opportunity for golf and tennis enthusiasts! Many Florida homes reside within communities that offer plenty of high-quality sports facilities that are open year-round!
  • Affordable housing: The North Florida real estate market offers a variety of options from new affordable single-family homes to established neighborhoods in long-standing communities.
  • Strong economy: The growing industries of construction, healthcare, tourism, international trade, aerospace, and agriculture keep the job market stable and the economy strong.

North Florida Homes Make you Feel Like You Are Always On Vacation!

It is easy to see why so many people are purchasing Florida homes and moving to this warm and sunny state. With so many North Florida real estate opportunities and the chance to live in such a lush, beautiful and booming environment you can see why it is very tempting. You can easily find the home of your dreams in one of the beautiful communities spreading across the northern parts of Florida. When searching for your perfect home, remember that not all Florida communities are created equal, but each city offers its distinct character and uniqueness that makes Florida so unique. Some Florida homes are built along canals or in established neighborhoods, and others are located in new up-and-coming neighborhoods that are just waiting for a fresh stamp. Whatever your reason for purchasing a home in Florida, you are sure to find the right community that works for your wants and desires.

Serious about the North Florida Real Estate Market?

If you are serious about getting into the North Florida real estate market, and purchasing a new home,  start your search early! Connect to one of our realtors, and we will help you search the available inventory and be prepared with the steps to make a competitive offer. North Florida’s housing market is expected to do very well next year, due to the increase of people moving into the state. However, even though the North Florida real estate market is moving in the right direction, the sellers looking to purchase Florida houses need to do their proper research to get their price, or even more, in this market!

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