August 2019

Real Southern Style: Front Porch Decor

Spending time on your front porch is just one part of  living in "real southern style" we get to enjoy when the weather is just right.  And let’s face it, nothing could be better than the porch socializing weather enjoyed year-round in Atmore, Alabama.  In the south, we have the tendency to drop by our neighbors’ homes with homemade dishes in hand or to chat about the day’s church service. Real...

All About Atmore: History & Beginnings

Atmore is a true southern gem that we feel proud to call home. As your local real estate resource for all things Atmore, Southern Real Estate is launching a bi-weekly “All About Atmore” series on our blog! We will be highlighting everything you may need to know about Atmore, including the families, businesses, residential neighborhoods, schools, recreational fun, and more! The first post in our series...

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